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50MM NdFeB Magnetic Ball
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One of the great benefits of magnetic toys is the ability it has to alleviate stress. Like many other stress relief devices on the market, your magnetic balls can be manipulated, mangled, crushed and distorted to ease your mood. Your magnetic balls sets itself apart from other stress relief devices in many ways, such as your ability to completely rend the balls apart and put it seamlessly together again. As you knead the magnetic balls in you hands makes an a very soothing audible “clack” much like a never ending piece of bubble wrap. Another way the magnetic balls excels at stress relief is the unique tactile sensation that only the can offer. Also, many believe the magnets themselves can be beneficial to one’s health.

But how can a toy make me feel good about myself? Easy. Everyday we work, we toil and we task. From dawn to dusk, we do things we would rather not be doing and it is rare that anything we do results in something we can be proud of, or something beautiful. With the magnetic balls, it is easy to create objects that you will be proud of, many of the shapes being absolutely unique, never before created in the universe. Go ahead and be proud of yourself! You deserve it!

This product is not for Kids!